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The year 2016 has been known as the most depressing year, as there are so many celebrity deaths in that year. Legendary musicians like Prince, David Bowie, and George Michael passed away in 2016, leaving the world music industry in deep misery. However, in contrary 2016 also noted some of the best music albums of the decade, if not in the century. As an annual tradition, Rolling Stone magazine picked 50 music albums considered as the best albums of 2016. Here is a recap of the top 3 of the list.Chance the Rapper has recently been named the best new artist in 2017 Grammy Awards. Although he already started singing and writing songs in 2012, his early album work began in 2016 when he collaborated in co-writing songs for Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’. ‘Coloring Book’ is a hip-hop album released in May 2016, and until now it has been received very positively by the critics.

‘Blackstar’ was released in January 2016, marked the twenty-fifth album of the late rock musician. No one has ever expected that ‘Blackstar’ is also the last album of David Bowie after he passed away of liver cancer just two days after the album release. ‘Blackstar’ won the Best Alternative Music Album at the 2017 Grammys. Also released as a visual album in the form of a feature film for HBO, ‘Lemonade’ was cited as the ultra-personal musical album of Beyonce. It contains a pack of genre-devouring songs, from ‘Daddy Lessons’ which sounded so country-like to ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, a rock single she recorded with Jack White. Recently it nabbed the ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ in 2017 Grammy Awards, although it loses to Adele’s ‘25’ in the ‘Album of the Year’ category.